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How to choose the correct expansion joint

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expansion joint

The expansion joint also called bellow and compensater,it can subjected to movements. These movements can vary from very slow (thermal expansion or shrinking movements) to very fast (vibrations),also can be in all directions of axial,lateral and angular . The expansion joints can result in adverse material stresses in piping.It can be built with heat resistance,chemical resistance,abrasive resistance,cold weather resistance, oil resistance by used different kind of material. 
Vibrations can also cause stresses,as well as unpleasant noise in the work and living environment. Expansion joints can counteract this.
expansion joint expansion joint  expansion joint     
How to choose the most suitable expnsion joint?
After confirm the 3 ppoints below, we will give you the best suggestion.
1.Bellow material: metal,rubber,PTFE or fabric.
2.Bellow type: axial,lateral,angular movement
type of movement
pipe diameter
fitting length
3.The piping system
mounting options
piping accessories
fixed points
guide points
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